Past Exam (July 2023)

Maine Supreme Judicial Court’s newly amended rules adopting the Uniform Bar Exam, dated May 3, 2017

July 2023 Maine Bar Exam – Updating Applicant Information

Applicant Portal for Maine Bar Exam Applicants

If you are an applicant for the July 2023 exam and need to provide any additional information to our office or update your application, please do so through the portal.

To update your application, please follow the steps listed below:

      • In a word document, type the question and the question number at the top of the page.
      • Type your answer directly below the question.
      • Once you have provided all information, please print your name and sign the document, scan the document and upload it to your portal through the “Application Files” tab in your portal.
      • You must then send a message to our office through the portal letting us know that you have uploaded a new document to add to your application.


Click here for July 2023 Exam Successful List by Applicant Name

UBE Score needed for Admission to the Maine Bar: 270

Passing Rate for July 2023 Bar Exam: 68%

Unsuccessful Applicants can request a copy of the exam questions, their answers and the representative answers for the July 2023 exam here.