Kenneth R. Clegg Award for Excellence July 2022 exam

The Maine Board of Bar Examiners is pleased to announce that the July 2022

Kenneth R. Clegg Award for Excellence has been awarded to:

Katherine Elliott

University of Maine School of Law, May 2022.

This Award is given to the applicant who obtains the highest combined score on the Maine Bar Examination in his or her first attempt at passing a bar examination. It honors the memory of Kenneth R. Clegg, an intelligent and intellectually engaging member of the Maine Board of Bar Examiners from 1989 to 2002 and its first Treasurer.

Ken was a native Californian, a graduate of Brown University and first in his class at Hastings College of Law before coming to Maine to clerk for the Supreme Judicial Court. He was a fine advocate and a champion of fairness, first with VISTA, then as a teacher in law school and, finally, in the courtroom. He was a poet, a novelist, a cyclist and a cellist, a gourmet cook, a world traveler and a charming conversationalist. He was a devoted husband, a beloved father and a classic gentleman with many friends. The Board and the Bar were fortunate to have the benefit of Ken’s intelligence, humor, urbanity, dedication and great good sense during his years of service.

The Board hopes that the recipient of this Award will be inspired to follow Ken’s example and, like Ken, will become both a positive force in the profession and a person who broadly enriches life, earning thereby the esteem of the Bar and the personal admiration of his or her colleagues that Ken Clegg had claimed.