To Graduates of the Massachusetts School of Law:

Pursuant to an Order issued by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, dated December 24, 1996, notwithstanding Maine Bar Admission Rule 10(c)(2), a graduate of the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover may apply and sit for the bar examination in Maine, provided that such applicant complies with the remaining requirements of the Maine Bar Admission Rules governing applicants for the bar examination, and provided further that such applicant produce satisfactory evidence that any such applicant has been admitted to practice law in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Any applicant seeking to sit for the bar examination in Maine under the auspices of this exception to the education requirement provided in Maine Bar Admission Rule 10(b)(3), must, in accordance with the general provisions of that rule, produce the evidence of his or her admission to the bar in Massachusetts prior to the date of the bar examination for which the applicant seeks to sit. The applicant is further reminded of the requirements of Maine Bar Admission Rule 5(b) and the application adopted by the Board which mandate that a letter of good standing be received by the Board from each jurisdiction in which an applicant has been admitted (or an explanation why such certificate is unavailable to the applicant) before that applicant may receive a Certificate of Qualification from the Board in the event he or she passes the bar examination. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure the Board receives this information.