Testing Accommodations

Applicants with special needs are encouraged, but not required, to submit a request for accommodations and the required documentation (including the applicable forms provided by the Board) in advance of the application deadline. The Board may use material submitted in support of requests for special accommodations for any purpose.

Except for good cause shown, the application deadline is the final deadline for the submission of all materials relating to a request for accommodations for all conditions that pre-date the application deadline. An applicant whose request for accommodations is incomplete as of the application deadline may sit for the exam (if otherwise qualified) without accommodations or may withdraw and sit for a subsequent examination pursuant to the Maine Bar Admission Rules.

Applications for accommodation based on conditions that develop after the application deadline will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Applicants must notify the Board of such conditions immediately upon discovery and submit the necessary documentation on a schedule established by the Board.

The Executive Director shall review each request for special accommodations for completeness and concurrently forward it for review to a subcommittee of two Board members appointed by the Chair. The subcommittee members shall obtain additional information if needed (e.g. speaking with the applicant and various doctors). The subcommittee is authorized to use its discretion to approve special accommodation requests that do not seek additional time for the exam or require the significant expenditure of funds. In all other instances, the subcommittee will present a recommendation to the Board for approval. The Executive Director shall communicate the Board’s decision to the applicant.

Testing Accommodations Application Forms